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Dates & Locations
MIT Series Dates & Locations
MIT 1 through 6 may be taken in any order. MIT-1 through MIT-4 qualifies the participant for a 
MIT-1 Dates & Locations
MIT-1:  Manipulation Masterclass
MIT-2 Dates & Locations
MIT-2 Adv. Upper Quarter Masterclass
MIT-3 Dates & Locations
MIT-3 Adv. Lower Quarter Masterclass
MIT-4 Dates & Locations
MIT-4:  Complex Spine, Whiplash & Radiculopathies
MIT-5 Dates & Locations
MIT-5 Instrument Assisted Therapies
(IASTM, Cupping, & Blood-flow Restriction)
MIT-6 Dates & Locations
MIT-6 Extremity Manipulation Masterclass
  • TBD Spring-Summer '20
ITM Dates & Locations
DIN Series Dates & Locations
DIN-1 & DIN-2 do not have to be attended in order & completion of both qualifies the participant for a Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Cert. DIN) & a free AACP (UK) membership
Any licensed provider with previous needling training may attend our Adv. DIN courses.
DIN-1 Foundations Dates & Locations
DIN Foundations of Dynamic Integrative Needling
DIN-2 Electric & Perineural Dates & Locations
DIN Foundations of Perineural & Electrical Approaches
DIN-Advanced Dates & Locations
Mr. Jonathan Hobbs will be at all of our Adv. DIN events.
  • Phoenix, AZ:  DIN-3c:Women's Health 
  • Atlanta, GA: DIN-3a: F.A.C.E. 
  • Phoenix, AZ: DIN-3b: Sport 
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