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DIN-1 Foundations of Dynamic Integrative Needling 
(vs. 4.0, new in 2022)
***The most comprehensive foundational dry needling course available in the U.S. for PTs and ATCs!***
A MUST hear testimonial:
Why learn from us?
  • Dynamic Integrative Needling is part of the Hobbs Masters Needling Series (UK) and is based on over 20+ years of clinical experience and teaching.
  • Hobbs Needling Paradigm™ goes beyond trigger point dry needling and techniques so you know where, when, how long, and why to needle, AND which technique to use.
  • ​Total Body Approach: Saves you time and money by providing comprehensive education a wide range of conditions.
  • Pre-course online educational modules allow the live course to be 85% hands-on for skill acquisition.
  • We respect prior learning and if you are certified by another organization you can take our foundational courses at the student rate. 
What will you learn in our DIN-1 Foundations Dynamic Integrative Needling Course?
  • ​The Hobbs Needling Paradigm™ is a clinical reasoning system that removes the simplicity of semi-standard protocols and empowers clinical reasoning strategies to maximize the impact on the N of 1 in-front of you. 
  • ​Dosing strategies and approaches  which emphasize local, segmental and supra-spinal effects to activate descending pain inhibition, endogenous opioid release, and systemic influence on the body.
You will learn a comprehensive dry needling system which:
  • Encompasses a total body approach to dry needling.   This dry needling course was built to save professionals and private practice owners time and money.  You'll gain the skills needed to treat 80% of your patients first thing Monday morning.
  • ​The Hobbs Needling Paradigm™ starts with the patient's primary pain state, hypothesizes the pathophysiology of the problem, then combines those two, to determine the desired physiological response needed to treat the N of 1 in front of you.  Which technique to use becomes a matter of clinical reasoning and not a simple semi-standard protocol designed to treat a condition.
  •  We instruct on multiple needling techniques emphasizing the neuromusculoskeletal system including: 
  • Segmental & systemic dry needling approaches.
  • Superficial, deep, & trigger point needling approaches.
  • Periosteal & myofascial dry needling approaches.
  • Connective tissue approaches for scars, tendons, and ligaments.
  • ​Perineural, periarticular, periarterial approaches.
  • ​Periosteal pecking, threading, and much, much more. 
“This is a great dry needling course. The instructors are very knowledgable and they made the course fun. They provided great feedback and there was enough time to practice the techniques. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn dry needling.”

~Karlie Harrell, PT, DPT
 – Orange, TX
“This course is a fantastic blend of all the different dry needling courses being taught. The course is comprehensive and masterfully instructed. You will leave the course feeling confident, prepared, and safe to effectively needle.”
– Phoenix, AZ

“Great dry needling seminar with awesome integration of different techniques beyond trigger point needling. Very informative and well communicated information backed by research.”

~Marcos A. Parga PT, DPT, ATC, LAT, FAAOMPT 
 – El Paso, TX

“DIN was the best courses I have ever taken! A lot of laughs and highly educational. I feel very confident moving forward. The instructors were very competent and entertaining.”

~Jared Egan, PT, DPT 
– San Tan Valley, AZ
FREE Ito ES-130 when you register through this offer!
Start your dry needling course journey with a system that encourages clinical reasoning and is comprehensive in nature.
Based on 20+ years of needling experience.  Developed by teachers of teachers.
Dynamic Integrative Needling 
  • Pre-requisite:  Open to any healthcare provider or student whose scope of practice allows dry needling.
  • Hobbs Needling Paradigm™:  Learn a system vs. a handful of techniques.
  • Total body approach:  Including spine and extremities.
  • Goes beyond trigger point dry needling.
Commonly asked questions:
I am new to dry needling, why should I choose HMNS over others?
  • The DIN Hobbs Needling Paradigm goes beyond a simple trigger point model of needling and provides participants with a clinical reasoning system with multiple dry needling techniques and dosing options.  All labs include anatomical reviews with detailed demonstrations, a comprehensive manual, and by matching our live components with online learning we can go at a pace that ensures confidence.  Furthermore, we commit to 1:18 teacher to student ratios to facilitate learning. Your confidence is the measure of our success.
I am a seasoned veteran to dry needling, will I learn anything?
  • Absolutely!  We have had seasoned needlers from every U.S. based dry needling organization in our dry needling courses and they all learned a great deal.  
Do I have to be a subject during the course?
  • It is expected those that have no contraindications fully participate in class; however, anyone that has any contraindications or objections to being needled are excused from being a patient during labs.
Will I be able to needle first thing Monday morning?
  • You will have the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence, along with a complete starter kit when you leave class, which will allow you to start treating immediately. However, you will need to check with your state board to see if there are specific requirements necessary for you to satisfy your local regulatory requirements. 
How many CEU's is this course approved for?
  • Dynamic Integrative Needling System courses have been approved nationally for athletic trainers through the BOC and in 29 states for physical therapists.  Please check here for hours of approval and covered states:  https://imitseminars.com/ceu-information
What is the Hobbs Masters Needling Series?
The Hobbs Masters Needling Series was created and developed by Jonathan Hobbs, MSc, MCSP, FHEA, AACP Chairman (UK).  
  • Mr. Hobbs is an internationally recognized expert in needling interventions and teaches in the U.K., U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Mr. Hobbs has 20-plus years of needling experience in a variety of settings including the private sector, professional sports, and the National Health Service.
  • ​Mr. Hobbs acts as a consultant and sessional lecturer to a number of universities throughout the UK.
  • ​Mr. Hobbs is a consultant to physiotherapists for Team Great Britain, the English Football Association, and Premiership Football Clubs.
The Hobbs Masters Needling Series is based on Mr. Hobbs' extensive needling education, expertise, and experience.
Yes, I want to learn the Dynamic Integrative Needling System!
Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Cert. DIN™)
Certification in DIN is awarded to all participants who successfully complete both the DIN-1 and DIN-2 course modules.

The Cert. DIN is the only non-U.K. needling certification that is recognized by and has met the standards of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP).  The AACP is the largest needling physiotherapy special interest organization in the world. 
Professionals who earn a Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling are awarded a one year free membership to the AACP.  

AACP Membership Includes:

  • 1st year FREE membership dues, with the privilege to use the (M)AACP credential and logo. 
  • Two AACP Smartphone Apps for free.
  • ​AACP Research journal.
  • ​AACP continuing education and past conference offerings. 
The Manual Physical Therapy Alliance & the Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy are the only U.S. accredited providers of the HMNS course material.
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