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Dry Needling Courses: Foundations and Advance Courses

Dry Needling Certificate & Foundational Courses (3-days):

Discounts available at check out for students, new-graduates and those who are already dry needling certified or have a valid acupuncture certificate.


Our 3-day dry needling courses are based on The Hobbs Needling Paradigm and go beyond the trigger point and myofascial needling models. In these “full-body” courses participants learn a clinical reasoning system vs. an over reliance on semi-standard protocols.


 The “Cert. DIN” credential is awarded to any individual that completes all the necessary requirements for both DIN-1 and DIN-2 courses USA. 

All course underpinned by the
Hobbs Reasoning Paradigm

1. Identify Primary Pain State

  • Nociceptive
  • Peripheral Neuropathic
  • Nociplastic
    • +Consider BPS influencers.

2. Consider The Rehab Phase

  • Phase 1: Symptom Modulation
  • Phase 2: Loading Capacity Optimization
  • Phase 3: Function & Performance Improvement

3. Choose Desired Response

  • Reason 1: Local healing/inflammatory.
  • Reason 2: Local analgesic.
  • Reason 3: MSK & trigger points.
  • Reason 4: Segmental.
  • Reason 5: Supraspinal & systemic.

1 + 2 + 3 =

Appropriate technique selection.

Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy
Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy

iM.IT Seminars proudly presents the Hobbs Masters Needling Series (HMNS) in order to provide the most comprehensive dry needling training available in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The HMNS Dynamic Integrative Needling System™ is grounded in the Hobbs Needling Pardigm™ and over 17 years of clinical and teaching experience. Our dry needling courses are open to all student and professional PTs, DCs, ATCs, OTs, PAs, RNs, NMDs, MDs, & DOs.