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The Art & Science of Manual & Integrative Therapy.
“DIN is a fantastic blend of all the different dry needling courses being taught. The course is comprehensive and masterfully instructed. You will leave the course feeling confident, prepared, and safe to effectively needle.”

 ~Peer Himler PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT 
– Phoenix, AZ
“I am a seasoned practitioner of over 30 years who has taken multiple spinal manipulation courses.  I recommend these courses because the techniques are profound in effect without being overly complex or too technical.”

~Cliff Steagall, PT, CSCS, CEAS II 
– Woodstock, GA
Dry Needling Courses
The Dynamic Integrative Needling System (DINS) is the most comprehensive dry needling training available in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia.  We save you time and money by delivering dry needling courses that are total body approaches.  We give you what you need to treat most clinical conditions in a single course.
Spinal Manipulation Courses
The Integrative Manipulative Therapy of the Spine & Extremity Series goes beyond extremity & spinal manipulation training and matches each region with thrust, non-thrust and neuromuscular re-education techniques to promote the progression of loading and function. 
Advanced Clinical Management Series
We are in the midst of updating our Adv. Clinical Management Series to include courses specifically geared toward advance spine care and athletic trainers.  
Integrative Training
The Manual Physical Therapy Alliance partners with the best educational providers across the rehabilitative spectrum, including
pain neuroscience education, exercise, vestibular rehab, & other specialty courses. Learn to give patients everything they need, not just what you are good at.  
Training healthcare providers to be a part of tomorrow's healthcare solution.
Earn a Certification in Dynamic Integrative Needling (Cert. DIN)
Spinal Manipulation Training
@iMITSeminars provides extremity manipulation courses and spinal manipulation courses that go beyond just techniques and takes participants through a clinical reasoning system that respects the continuum of care.  Each treatment region is coupled with thrust, novel non-thrust and neuromuscular re-education strategies to facilitate loading and function.  Open to PTs, ATCs, DOs, MDs, PTAs & NMDs.
Advanced Clinical Management Series
@iMITSeminars provides advanced evidence-informed training and clinical reasoning for treatment of the spine.  Online components of the course allow for live portion of class to be 90% hands-on learning of evaluative, treatment, and loading techniques. Open to PTs, ATCs, DOs, MDs, PTAs & NMDs.  
Integrative Therapy Masterclasses
Designed to challenge the manual therapy provider to think outside the box and treat the "whole" patient.  @iMITSeminars partners with the Manual Physical Therapy Alliance to bring in experts across the spectrum of rehabilitative excellence including pain neuroscience education, vestibular rehab, concussion management, whiplash and therapeutic exercise to create an integrative practitioner that is able to give patients everything they need not just what they are good at. 
Physical therapists that earn the Cert. DIN credential qualify for a FREE one year membership to the AACP (UK).
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