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Manipulations Masterclass Series

Manipulation Masterclasses

Manipulation Masterclass Series

These 15-hour courses are supplemented with six 30-minute online modules and is strategically developed to maximize the use of the two live seminar days, which will be 90% hands-on. Participants will learn essential motor skills to safely incorporate evidence-informed manipulation techniques for the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral) and major junctional zones (upper cervical, cervicothoracic, thoracolumbar, lumbosacral) or extremity manipulation immediately into clinical practice.  Coursework can be taken in any order, and will include a review of updated clinical practice guidelines to support clinical reasoning, as well as, comprehensive neurological and red flag screening.   

Course participants will be presented with multiple unique alternative techniques explicitly designed for the larger patient, so providers of all sizes can easily be successful.

Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy

No prerequisites are needed for this 2-day course. Must be a PT, ATC, DO, MD, DC, NP, or PA, or enrolled in your final year of school.

Techniques Taught, Refined, or Mastered in "both" A & B Courses:

**Course participants will be presented with multiple unique alternative techniques explicitly designed for the larger patient, so providers of all sizes can easily be successful.

Full spine manipulation course with cervicothoracic evaluation with upper c/s & cervicogenic headache differential diagnosis. 

  • C0-1: OA Supine Cradle Gapping Manipulation
  • C0-1: OA Supine Zygomatic Contact Manipulation
  • Upper c-spine (UCS): Flexion NMR with manual assist/overpressure seated and supine, with HEP.
  • OA/AA: Non-Thrust Zygomatic Rotational Mobilizations
  • C-Spine: Seated Gapping Manipulation Posterior Stance/Approach
  • C-Spine: Rotational Chin-hold Neuromuscular Re-education
  • C-Spine: Segmental Patient Assisted Mobilization Hook-lying
  • C1-CTJ: Seated Unilateral PA Mobilizations with HEP.
  • CTJ: Prone Rotational Manipulation
  • CTJ:  Side-lying Compression Mobilization
  • Lower c-spine (LCS): Extension NMR with manual assist/overpressure seated, supine, and prone with HEP.
  • 1st Rib: Cradle Hold Manipulation
  • Ribs:  Supine Shoulder Girdle Manipulation Approach
  • Ribs: Seated Mobilization/Manipulation
  • Upper/Mid T-Spine:  Seated Smaller Practitioner Knee Thrust Manipulation 
  • T-spine: Upper/mid/lower Prone Manipulation
  • T-Spine:  Side-lying Compressive Mobilizations

Full spine manipulation course with lumbo-pelvic-hip evaluation differential diagnosis. 

  • T-Spine: Seated Flexion/Extension Mobilizations & NMR
  • T-Spine: Foam Roll Modification Manipulation
  • TLJ: Seated Flexion/Extension Mobilization/NMR
  • TLJ: Side-lying Compressive Mobilizations
  • TLJ:  Kick-pull & Kick-Push Side-lying Manipulation
  • L-spine:  Kick-pull & Kick-Push Side-lying Manipulation
  • L-Spine:  Body Drop Manipuatlation
  • L-spine: Side-lying Compressive Mobilizations
  • L-spine: NMR flex/extension with Mobilization Strap
  • L-spine: Side-lying De-rotational & Lateral Flexion Mobilization/NMR
  • Lumbosacral Junction (LSJ): Kick Pull/Push Manipulation
  • LSJ: Side-lying Compression Mobilization 
  • LSJ: Side-lying Distraction Mobilization & NMR
  • SIJ: Prone SIJ Manipulation
  • SIJ:  Supine SIJ Manipulation
  • SIJ: Body Drop Manipulation with lateral flexion.
  • Lumbopelvic:  Side-lying NMR with HEP
  • Hip:  Spine Axial Compression, Distraction & Lumbopelvic NMR .
  • Hip:  Distraction Manipulation with/out mobilization belt. 
  • Hip:  Mobilization with belt. 
  • Hip:  Gluteal NMR progression.

“This is one of the best spinal manipulations courses I have ever attended. It really gave me more confidence and skills that I need for many of the complex patients I treat daily!”

~Kyota Shizuka, PT, DPT, ATC, Cert. DN, CSCS

“This is the most skilled and humble group of instructors I have encountered in over 16 years of practice. They are going to change our profession in a profound way!”

~Tiffany Lamonde, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

“After 10 years of practice and being fearful of spinal manipulation – especially of the cervical spine – this spinal manipulation course changed my outlook and will change how I practice.”

~Melissa Kuester, PT, DPT

I’ve been to many manual therapy courses over my 35+ year career and this one was the best spinal. The techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated, with ample time for feedback and practice.”

~Larry Burks, PT, Cert. SMT, Cert. DN, Cert. MDT

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How many CEU's will I receive by attending the course?