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Performance Psychology Foundations
with Dr. John Pates

Performance Psychology Foundations
Dr. John Pates

Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy
Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy

Dr. John Pates, Performance Psychologist

Dr. John Pates is a chartered BPS, HCPC, APA-accredited performance psychologist who specialises in Transformational Performance Coaching (TPC). Dr. Pates is passionate about facilitating meaningful change and being part of people’s success.

He offers individuals, organisations, teams and sportspeople the most influential performance-enhancing interventions in the world of Psychology.  He empowers his clients with the wisdom and psychological skills to create better versions of themselves. His teachings have helped people become winners in professional sports, leaders in high-performance teams and inspirational influencers in life.

Dr. Pates has over 25 years of experience training athletes and turning them into World Champions, Major Champions, Ryder Cup stars, and Olympians. 

Performance Psychology Foundations

Performance Psychology Foundations Series takes place over eight weeks with two components.  First is an on-demand set of four online modules with practical exercises and homework. Each module is then followed by a live online interactive small group session with Dr. John Pates. The course is designed to give health practitioners the foundational skillsets and resources necessary to help guide themselves and their clients into a performance mindset. 

Cohorts start once every quarter.

  • Online asynchronous and live synchronous sessions. 
  • 4 On-demand self-paced modules.
  •  4 Live Online Small Group Interactive Sessions with Q&A facilitated by Dr. John Pates.

The Performance Psychology Education Series is a series of videos assembled for anyone interested in improving themselves and the people they work with. The program contains the most influential psychological interventions known to performance psychologists.

The knowledge contained within the videos have profound psychological significance for athletes, coaches and leaders working in high-performance environments. Learn valuable insights that can improve many aspects of your life from your work to your personal development, career, and relationships.

This two-hour, course features a combination of scientific discovery and narrative, covering the fundamentals of applied performance psychology utilised by practitioners working in high-performance organisations and sport.

The lectures will be accompanied by key takeaways, and additional reading material to facilitate learning.

Each module will have a vidoe and an accompanying PDF for your to review.  

  1. Introduction and Foundations of Performance Psychology
    • Small group coaching session with Dr. Pates.
  2. Visualizations for motivation and discipline.
    • Small group coaching session with Dr. Pates.
  3. Self-talk for framing the future. 
    • Small group coaching session with Dr. Pates.
  4. Goal setting for implementation and follow through.
    • Small group coaching session with Dr. Pates.
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2-Day Live Performance Psychology Masterclass (PP-MC)

Coming in Fall ’24 this 2 day interactive practical seminar that will guide participants through the tools provided with-in the online modules. Get practical hands on guidance and demonstrations by one of the world’s foremost experts in transformational performance psychology. 

The content is appropriate for physiotherapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, and other allied professionals. Whether you are working in a private clinic, hospital setting, MOD, or sporting environment you will surely find this to be immediately applicable to your role. 
These two days will engage your learning in an interactive and fun environment.
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