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Rehab & Sport Masterclasses
& Cert. IST

Lower Extremity Masterclass

Performance Psychology For Athletes & Patients

Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy

Participants who complete the series will earn a Certification in Integrative Sports Therapy with the right to use the credential: Cert. IST

The following courses are required for certification:

  1. Spinal Manipulation Master class, participants can take either (only one is required):
    1. MS-A: Manipulation Masterclass + Adv. Cervicothoracic
    2. MS-B: Manipulation Masterclass + Adv. Lumbo-pelvic-hip
  2. LE-MC: Lower Extremity Masterclass with Johnny Wilson.
  3. UE-MC: Upper Extremity Masterclass with Ian Gatt, #TheBoxingPhysio.
  4. PP-F: Performance Psychology Foundations with Dr. John Pates (online).
  5. PP-MC: Performance Psychology Masterclass with Dr. John Pates.
  6. DIN-3b: Adv. DIN for Sports Injury, Rehab, Recovery & Performance (this is optional if dry needling is not within your scope).

Individual Tract*:

  • MS-A or B: $594
  • UE-MC:       $624
  • LE-MC:        $624
  • PPF:             $394
  • PP-MC:       $624
  • DIN-3b:       $824

Total:      $3,684

Package Options**:

  1. With DIN-3b:        $2,550
  2. Without DIN-3b:  $1,950
(Payment plans available at checkout as low as $234/mth)
*NOTE:  If completing the individual track, please contact us to submit a request for certification once all courses have been completed.
**Once you register for the package option, you will have two years to complete the required courses, and you will be given a registration code to register for any date & location course offering.
Institute of Manual & Integrative Therapy

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